Thursday, December 1, 2011

See I told you...

I told you in my very first blog how bad I am at sticking with blogging!! I see my last post was in August , so its only been 4 months... but 4 very busy months!

The Studio is now open and in full swing.. I am loving being able to experiment with new backdrops, props and lighting.  Very fun!


My Wedding season winded down with a final beach wedding in October on a beautiful afternoon.
It has bee great having such mild weather!  I LOVE IT!!

I had a couple mini shoots in the studio. Now those were busy day!!  Every 20 minutes a new family coming in to get a mini session ... One of my favorite kinds of shoots

I also had an Esteem shoot for all the girls ,  a time for woman to put down their cameras and get some facebook worthy profile pictures of their beautiful selfs! 

 Well that is all for now... But just wanted to show you what I have been up to over here at Capture a Glimpse Studios!  There is still a little time for a shoot before Christmas if you want.  And as you are trying to figure out what to get the loved ones on your list... Capture a Glimpse Gift Certificates never go out of style!

Heather Wilson

Monday, August 29, 2011

Changes explained....

I have posted it on Facebook a few times but figured I could go into a little more detail in my blog.
I have been doing photography for about 4 years now.  My first year just learning and practicing , and the last few years I have made a "real" business of it.

  My goal has been to be an affordable photographer.  That has not changed. In looking at other photogs in the area I will still be coming in lower in prices than most.
  As I look to making my photography business a more viable business for me and my family this is a step I need to take.   I hope to continue to offer mini shoots, esteem shoots and other specials through out the year.

Prices do not increase until Sept first.  If you book a photo shoot for this fall  before August 31st, you can lock in my $75 rate. That includes the disk.   Or you can buy gift certs that for $75 as well and that will be valid up to a year.  (what a great gift for family or friends... something they may not think to buy for themselves.... you could get your christmas shopping started early!) Just remember this is only good for a couple more days.

I try to keep my pricing simple to understand , with no hidden fees.

New Prices for family sittings:
$50 sitting fee for Studio Session
$75 sitting fee for on location session

Then you have the option to purchase the disk of all your edited pics for $75
or just order a la carte from  the Capture a Glimpse Website.

Thanks for your business and I look forward to Capturing a Glimpse of your family.
Email me for my Wedding and Senior packages as well!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Senior Pictures

I have a picture sitting on my piano, Its one of  Dans favorite picture of me . I am probably about a senior in high school.   Whenever I look at it I remember doing my hair like that, the blow dryer , curling iron and hair spray all at once... while having a perm!!  I remember the necklace that I was wearing that was a gift to me , it was a crucifix.  Which at the time I didn't realize was a more catholic symbol. I remember the hot pink shirt I was wearing. I can picture the length of it going down below my hips with a ruffle at the bottom.    

Now if I didn't have it sitting in front of me, would I remember what I wore that day ? .... Nope,  How I did my hair?  .... Nope,  my necklace? .... Nope   but because I have this picture it all comes back.  

I recently had the opportunity to do one of my favorite kinds of shoots.  A Senior shoot.  Chelsea was especially fun because she had so many things that she was into that we could work into some shots.  From her love of her horses, to cheerleading, football, her car... and  Her beautiful red hair was something most people would die for.  

Now I didn't have a senior shoot for myself like this when I was in high school .  I just have a few pictures with a drape for the year book. But boy would that be fun to look back at.  

Chelsea , these time will fly by , but one day you and your kids will be able to look back and have a great glimpse of your life back in the 'olden' days when you were just in high school! I hope I captured a little bit of who you are!  

Give me a call to schedule your shoot today!  


Saturday, August 27, 2011

So She is Married

Busy Summer! Sitting here waiting out Hurricane Irene.  Since I still have power I figured I would take a minute to blog.

August 13th I had a wedding, but instead of being a photographer I was a mother of the bride .  WEIRD!  Rachel  is married.  Mrs Weber.

Its crazy to think she came into my life when she was about Cade's age.

 Now being a parent is hard but being a parent starting with a 6ish year old has its own ups and downs.  You do not have the up all night , sleepless exhaustion, or the potty training , or the "terrible two's" . But  instead you have a 6 year old that you hope you can build a  relationship with in which they will learn to trust and like you. In limited times such as  every other weekend, or during summers and holidays. 

I look back and could give you a list of all the things I "wished" I would have done better or differently for Rachel.   But despite all that, I can look at her and am so thankful she has been in my life. She has become such a great young woman.  She is going to be an awesome wife, and mother.  Its cool to see your kids grow up.  To see their personalities, to develop a different relationship than just parent/ child  ... but also friend.  

Once again I am going to end my blog with reminding you how fast life travels by.
Ask yourself  what do you want to remember" and call me to schedule your photoshoot today.

                                                              (taken with my i-phone)  :)

Prices are increasing August 31. You can contact me before then to purchase a gift card  that will lock in your price for up to a year.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The hottest wedding of my summer!

The hottest wedding of my Summer..... And as cute as the couple was I am not talking about their looks.....

 I headed down to Ocean city at around 8:30 am on Saturday .  I knew I would hit some traffic due to the Dew Tour ( I think its like a bmx thing)  I am glad I left so early . I got their just on time after having to trudge through the HOT sand quite a ways ( since i had to park 2 streets down because all the full parking lots.
Now at 10 in the morning it was already very high 90's and so humid.  We took pictures as quick as possible since their little son Jaxson and everyone was melting fast.  It was prob the hottest wedding I ever took pictures at.


Last season , me and my friend Kristyn went to do a wedding up at the beach last year and we drove around a bit trying to find the street  ... it wasn't in OC , it was Dewey beach or something like that.

Finally we see the Wedding Company Van at the end of street so we zoom down to arrive on time , but as we talk to the Wedding Co. people they hadn't seen any of the wedding party yet.  So after a few phone calls we realize we are all at the wrong location.  SOOOOO  We had to un-set up the tikki torches and seats and sound system. We had to run up and down the beach trying to pack everything back up.  MY feet were so blistered from the burning sand.  Kristyn actually must have been a fire coal walker in a past life cause she kept running out getting more loads.  

Needless to say we made it to the other location, set up and had some fun pictures ( of the most relaxed bride and groom ever- they were so fun!   )  

So although this past Saturday was the hottest  air temperature I have done a wedding in,  I still think I lost a few layers of  foot skin from the one last year.

But every wedding I learn something

Lesson learned:  Photography on the beach in the middle of the day in the hottest part of the summer.... wear sneakers!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Some things we tend to put off...

Some things we tend to put off.... like mowing.  Dan has been working a million hours so my grass ( if you call it that)  has been on the loose.   So today I decided to go mow since it was only 80 degrees this morning instead of 112.  I finished all but a little patch in the back . Which I plan to do later today when the sun goes down a little.  I LOVE to keep looking out my window and seeing all the weeds, plants and growth trimmed down.  Makes me wonder why I put it off so long.

Kinda like pictures,  you know you want them, you know you will be so happy when you have them hanging on your wall.  So come on , lets do it .... give me a call , you will be glad you did. ( and I promise it will be more fun than mowing the yard! )
What do you want to REMEMBER?


Sunday, July 24, 2011

See I told you...

I told you I am really bad at keeping up with journaling/ blogging.  I have a hard time knowing what to write.  So if you have anything you want to know just ask... and I will write about it :)

I went up to NH a couple weeks ago to bring my kids to Cousin Camp. Cousin Camp is where my mom takes all the cousins for the week.  They went up to my grandmas farm and had a blast.  Then as we were saying goodbyes and getting ready to head back to MD ... a change in plans happened, I ended up leaving all my kids at my sisters house ( after alot of begging and pleading )  and started my long but very quiet trip home.

Backing up a little , I was able to see a bunch of friend while I was up in NH and enjoyed hanging out with my family.   I also was able to do a photoshoot for an old friend from my old church up there, her name is Shakira.  Since I saw her last she has gotten married and has had a daughter. She and her husband and BEAUTIFUL daughter  met me at the Castle in Windham and we got started .

 It took Sophia a little while to warm up to me. She stared very solemnly as I made a fool of myself trying to get her to smile.  

But soon she was holding my hand and smiling away. 


Have I told you I love what I do?  Capturing moments in time and helping make memories that will last forever, because time goes by too fast for our brains to remember the details.

My studio is done , and in early September I am going to have an open house where I give away door prizes etc so be watching for upcoming announcements.....

Thanks for reading,

What do you want to REMEMBER