Thursday, December 1, 2011

See I told you...

I told you in my very first blog how bad I am at sticking with blogging!! I see my last post was in August , so its only been 4 months... but 4 very busy months!

The Studio is now open and in full swing.. I am loving being able to experiment with new backdrops, props and lighting.  Very fun!


My Wedding season winded down with a final beach wedding in October on a beautiful afternoon.
It has bee great having such mild weather!  I LOVE IT!!

I had a couple mini shoots in the studio. Now those were busy day!!  Every 20 minutes a new family coming in to get a mini session ... One of my favorite kinds of shoots

I also had an Esteem shoot for all the girls ,  a time for woman to put down their cameras and get some facebook worthy profile pictures of their beautiful selfs! 

 Well that is all for now... But just wanted to show you what I have been up to over here at Capture a Glimpse Studios!  There is still a little time for a shoot before Christmas if you want.  And as you are trying to figure out what to get the loved ones on your list... Capture a Glimpse Gift Certificates never go out of style!

Heather Wilson

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